Manage Favorites

Save your frequently used pages for easy access.

Mark new favorites

If there are any pages you visit often, you can add them to your list of favorites. This allows you to access these pages quickly from the Favorites section.

Follow these steps to add a page to your favorites:

  1. Click the main menu and then navigate to the required page (for example, Account).

  2. Hover over the page and select the star icon.

The star icon will change from empty to filled, and the page will be displayed under Favorites.

Remove old favorites

You can remove a page from your favorites if it's no longer needed.

Follow these steps to remove a page:

  1. Go to Favorites in the main menu. All pages that you've marked as favorites are displayed.

  2. Find the page to remove and click the corresponding star icon.

  3. Alternatively, navigate to the required page directly and click the star icon.

The page is removed from your favorites and the star icon changes from filled to empty, which indicates that the page is no longer a favorite.

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