Code of Conduct


Here at SoftwareOne, we truly admire and appreciate the unique ideas, teamwork, and variety of backgrounds, skills, cultures, and personal perspectives of our open-source contributors. They make our projects and communities more vibrant and diverse.

Every person in SoftwareOne's open source projects or communities is treated with dignity and respect—no matter what. Your gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, the way you think, how you look, where you come from, how old you are, or your beliefs do not change the way we treat each other.

We love hearing different points of view, but above all, we prioritize kindness, civility, and mutual respect. Being respectful means:

  1. Always be thoughtful, nice, and constructive, and offer help whenever you can.

  2. Avoiding behavior or language that could make anyone feel belittled, ostracized, harassed, hated, targeted, or threatened in any way.

  3. Make sure not to invade someone's personal space without their permission.

Resolve peacefully

We at SoftwareOne don't see all conflict as a bad thing. Healthy discussions and disagreements can often lead to great ideas. But let's be clear: it's never alright to be unkind or rude.

If you notice someone not being respectful, don't hesitate to discuss the issue with them directly. Often, this is enough to find a quick and easy solution and gives everyone involved more say over the outcome. However, if you're finding it hard to sort things out or someone's behavior is intimidating or harassing, don't keep it to yourself. Let us know. We promise that everyone should feel comfortable and safe while participating at SoftwareOne.

Reporting problems

Unless a specific open source projects has its own set of rules, we would like you to share your concerns with us by Contacting Support.

Every complaint matters to us, and we promise to investigate every one. Though you might not get a direct response, rest assured—we're investigating. Depending on the situation, our response might vary—from not taking any immediate action to a permanent exit from the project or SoftwareOne-supported forums.

Meanwhile, before we take any action, we'll contact the person against whom the complaint is made and give them a chance to share their side of the story. Don't worry about your identity—it will be kept anonymous in the report we share with them. In more urgent cases, like ongoing harassment or threats to someone's well-being, we might need to act immediately without prior notice.

This document was adapted from the IndieWeb Code of Conduct.

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