Manage Recommendations

Manage your recommendations, add comments, and view progress logs.

Mark a recommendation as complete or dismiss it

Follow these steps to mark a recommendation as complete or dismiss it:

You don’t need to Mark Azure and AWS recommendations as complete because the system automatically detects when recommendations are being executed and moves them to the completed/realized state. However, there are some exceptions to automatically realizing savings amounts from Azure and AWS Recommendations. For details, see Completion of Azure Recommendations and AWS Recommendations.

  1. On the Recommendations page, click the recommendation type (Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, or Security). All recommendations for your chosen type are displayed.

  2. Click the recommendation name. The details page of your selected recommendation opens.

  3. Select the checkbox for the recommendation and then click Mark complete or Dismiss. You can also select multiple recommendations at once.

  4. Confirm the action.

After you complete a recommendation, it is moved from the Active tab to the Realised tab. If you dismiss a recommendation, it is moved from the Active tab to the Unrealised tab.

Add comments or view the progress log

The messaging feature allows stakeholders to participate in a conversation, so multiple collaborators can keep on top of recommendations and their progress. Through the use of the ‘mentions’ feature, you can tag your peers or SoftwareOne Services Consultants to bring items, to-do lists, or issues to their attention.

When an individual is mentioned in a conversation, a notification email is sent to them. These email notifications cannot be turned off.

Every recommendation can be also tracked through its lifecycle with the progress log functionality.

Follow these steps to add comments or view the progress:

  1. Open the details page of your recommendation. You can do so by clicking the name of the recommendation.

  2. To add comments, select the Comments tab, and then type the individual's first name and last name. Save your comments.

  1. To track progress, select the Progress Log tab.

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