Create Per-Provider budgets

Create a per provider budget.

Before you begin

Before creating a budget, note that there can be only one subscription budget under an Account budget.

Create a per-provider budget

Depending on the provider, you can create a budget for an account and a subscription. Follow these steps to create a per-provider budget:

  1. From the main menu of the Client Portal, navigate to Cloud tools > Budgets.

  2. Select the Per-Provider tab.

  3. Click Add Budget and then click Add after you've selected the tenant. If you have a long list of tenants, you can use the Search Tenants option to find the tenant.

  1. In the Adding budget page, provide the following details:

    • Budget name - If you are creating a budget for an Account, you'll need to provide a budget name. In the case of subscription budgets, the name is automatically set to the subscription name.

    • Amount - Add the amount.

    • End Date - End date of the budget.

    • Budget Owner - Email address of the person responsible for creating the budget.

  1. Click Save.

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