Simple for AWS

Simple for AWS Dashboard.

The Simple for AWS dashboard provides an overview for customers using SoftwareOne’s Simple for AWS service.

You can access the dashboard by navigating to the main menu of the Client Portal and selecting Cloud tools > Simple for AWS.

Dashboard interface

The dashboard is a single point of access to various sections of the platform and allows you to view your quarterly spending information, support tickets, service recommendations, and articles. It consists of the following sections:


Clicking Invoices opens up the Invoices page, where you can view and search for your invoices. This section is displayed only if you have permission.

AWS spend information

Displays your spending information from the last 3 months. You can view more details and get a breakdown of your spending if you hover over one of the columns in the chart. Clicking the section opens up the Consumption report where you can see more details, and use filters to narrow down your results.

Simple for AWS support tickets

Provides a quick overview of all requests and incidents reported in the past 90 days, including their respective status. You can also create a new ticket by clicking Submit a ticket.

Data refresh rate

As Simple for AWS surfaces data from multiple platform systems, there may be a difference in data refresh rate across sections. The following table describes the data refresh rate for each section:

SectionRefresh rate


latest with every page refresh


once a day

Support tickets

every hour (after page refresh)

Service Articles

latest with every page refresh

Service Review

latest with every page refresh

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