Adobe VIP Marketplace

Adobe VIP Marketplace overview and important information.

Adobe VIP Marketplace is Adobe’s new licensing program that will replace Adobe VIP.

VIP Marketplace is designed to make purchasing and managing Adobe software licenses easier. It provides streamlined automated purchasing, provisioning, and billing, and allows SoftwareOne to resell Adobe licenses through the Marketplace Platform.

Various term-length options, volume discounts, and product offerings enable clients (referred to as VIP Marketplace members) and organizations of all sizes to meet their needs by purchasing as many licenses as needed in one flexible transaction.

After your initial order has been set up with SoftwareOne, you can manage your licenses through the Adobe Admin Console, which works seamlessly with the Marketplace Platform.

Key benefits

As the next evolution of the VIP buying program, the Adobe VIP Marketplace program delivers a more customized and streamlined system. It enables SoftwareOne to sell Adobe products in the SoftwareOne Marketplace to provide a simpler, automated, and efficient experience.

The flexibility and breadth of the program allows SoftwareOne to put together desirable proposals, with software as a key element, and execute plans seamlessly on an ongoing basis.

  • Adobe is included with many other vendors in the SoftwareOne Marketplace for a one-stop-shop experience.

  • Bundles and services are easily available.

  • Better overall experience from quicker purchasing to easier license management, with no disruption due to missed or delayed renewals.

Is Adobe VIP Marketplace right for you?

VIP Marketplace is the primary Adobe buying program for SoftwareOne clients, except in the following cases:

  • VIP members who are affiliates of a linked membership (available in VIP Marketplace in 2024)

  • Global customers who purchase using the Worldwide VIP price lists (available in VIP Marketplace in 2024)

  • VIP members in China.

Getting Started

Become a VIP Marketplace member

After you place an order with your reseller, you will receive an invitation to accept the terms and conditions for VIP Marketplace. Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions, you’ll have the ability to manage your licenses and begin deploying them to users immediately in the Adobe Admin Console.

If you are currently a member of the Value Incentive Plan, you can move seamlessly to VIP Marketplace to benefit from features like automatic renewal.

Contact SoftwareOne for details on transitioning to VIP Marketplace.

Adding licenses

To add licenses to your VIP Marketplace account, you have the following options:

  1. Add the license to the Marketplace Platform.

  2. Add the license in the Admin Console (also known as Purchase Authorisation), and then place a corresponding order in the Marketplace Platform within 7 days. If no order is placed in the Marketplace Platform, Adobe will automatically remove the license after 7 days.

To reduce the effort associated with adding licenses, we recommend that you use option 1. Fulfillment is simple and quick in the Marketplace Platform.

Assigning licenses

The Adobe Admin Console is an online tool that allows organizations to manage their users as well as the assignment and reassignment of Adobe licenses. The member of your organization who received the welcome email and accepted the VIP Marketplace terms and conditions is the first person who will have access to your organization’s Admin Console.

Once this person accesses the Admin Console, they can begin managing licenses and users along with granting administration rights to other members of their organization.

Volume discounts

You can save more as a VIP Marketplace Member when your organization qualifies for volume discounts. Purchase 10 or more licenses during a subscription term to qualify.

Your discount increases as you purchase more licenses.

Qualify for volume discounts with a single purchase

As a VIP Member with fewer than 10 licenses, you can automatically qualify for volume discounts with a single order of 10 or more licenses. Place an order for the minimum license quantity for your preferred discount level, and your membership will automatically receive the respective volume discount.

Qualify for volume discount at renewal

You can qualify for volume discounts with your renewal order. Your volume discount is automatically calculated based on the licenses renewed in your auto-renewal order.

If your renewal total is 10 licenses or more, then that renewal order and subsequent orders of any size qualify for the volume discount earned at renewal. You can add more licenses to achieve the 50- and 100-license thresholds for higher discounts.

Important information

VIP ID: Your organization’s account ID

Your VIP ID is a unique number that identifies your organization as a member of VIP Marketplace. Keep track of this number so you can provide it to your reseller when placing orders or asking questions about your account. This number is confidential information for your organization and will remain effective while you are a VIP Marketplace Member.

Account anniversary date

Your VIP Marketplace anniversary date is set to be 12 months from the date of your initial order. If you are migrating from Adobe VIP, your anniversary date will be the same as it was under VIP.

Daily proration

Additional licenses may be added at any time after your initial order. The anniversary date for your additional licenses will be listed on the order confirmation email and in the Account tab in the Adobe Admin Console. Add-on licenses are prorated for the length of time they will be used until your next anniversary date. Your licenses will be renewed on the anniversary date, and changes to your Adobe subscriptions must be made before this date.


Licenses purchased through VIP Marketplace automatically renew for the following year. Your annual subscription will automatically renew with Adobe on your anniversary date at the current sales price in effect for your qualifying discount level (prices subject to change), unless SoftwareOne cancels with Adobe at least 3 days before your anniversary date.

If you opt out of automatic renewal by terminating a subscription or agreement, your licenses will be deactivated at your next anniversary date. A reminder notification will be sent before any licenses are deactivated, and you may update your renewal settings by placing an order in the SoftwareOne Marketplace at least 3 days before the anniversary date.

For example, if in your current term, you are at discount level 2 (10-49 licenses) and in your renewal term your auto-renewal order is for 50-99 licenses, you would receive the level 3 discount level. Also, if in your current term, your Adobe product offer is based on promotional pricing, then in your renewal term, your Adobe product offer will be based on standard pricing because the promotional pricing expired.


Returns are accepted if the entire order is returned and if the licenses are not currently in use. You must make the return request with SoftwareOne within 14 days of placing the order.


If the VIP Member has any VIP orders that are eligible for return, then such orders may no longer be returned after migration to the VIP Marketplace. Upon migration to VIP Marketplace, VIP Member waives any rights to return for such orders.


Once you are enrolled in VIP Marketplace, your membership remains effective until any of the following conditions occur:

  • You choose to leave the program by giving a 30-day notice of cancellation to SoftwareOne

  • Adobe terminates the program

  • Your membership is terminated due to a breach of program terms and conditions

The program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. You will be presented with updated terms and conditions the next time you log in to the Adobe Admin Console if there are any changes.

Regional deployment

VIP Members must purchase for the country where their team members reside. For team members residing in Europe, “country” shall mean Europe. In this case, “Europe” means EU Member countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK. To the extent there is inconsistency between this restriction and terms stated in an applicable end-user license agreement, this restriction shall govern.

  • This page has been created with information from Adobe VIP Marketplace: Overview and terms.

  • For VIP Marketplace members, the VIP Marketplace terms apply in addition to the VIP Program Guide for commercial and government. Where there is a conflict between the VIP Program Guide and the VIP Marketplace terms, the VIP Marketplace terms will govern.

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