Contact Support

If you need assistance with an issue, you can submit a ticket to our Support team through our platform or email us.

NOTE: To allow us to better support you, please submit your tickets in English.

Submitting a ticket

To submit a ticket from the Client Portal
  1. 1.
    From the main menu, navigate to Help and select Help + Support.
  2. 2.
    Select Submit a Ticket and fill out the form. You can also upload supporting documentation to help us understand and resolve your issue quickly.
  3. 3.
    Select Send.
After you've created the ticket, the Help and Support page will display your ticket details, including the status.
To contact us through email

Viewing ticket information

To view your ticket details
  • On the Help and Support page, click on the ticket or select View in the Actions column.
The Ticket Details page opens where you can view the ticket information, attachments, and status of your ticket, and optionally, write a message to our Support team.
Status and Messages
You'll see one of the following statuses on the page:
Indicates that the ticket is waiting to be processed by a member of the support team.
Information needed
Indicates that we require additional information from you to proceed further.
In progress
Indicates that an associate is working on your ticket.
Indicates that your ticket is closed. After a ticket is closed, you cannot reopen it or add new messages or attachments.
Ticket Information
You can view the following information in relation to your ticket:
Ticket number
A unique identifier for the ticket.
The type of ticket.
The category of the ticket.
Date when the ticket was created.
Last Updated
Date indicating the last changes within the ticket, be it status change, new messages, new attachments, and so on.
Who is this issue for
Email address of the user who created the ticket.
The name of the user who created the ticket.

Ticket Attachments
You can use this section to preview attachments or upload supporting documentation or files.
To attach a file, choose Select files and then select the file that you want to upload.
A confirmation message is displayed when the file is attached.