Release Notes v1

Meet the new SoftwareOne Client Portal and learn what's new in this release.

Release Date: 28 August 2023

We’re excited to announce that we’ve rebranded PyraCloud to SoftwareOne Client Portal to align it with our global brand identity.

We’ve used our learnings and feedback from our clients to improve usability and enhance the look and feel of our platform. Here's what's new and improved in this release.


As part of our branding updates, we’ve modified the Login page, header and footer, and in-app pages.

The branding updates include changes to our logo, colors, fonts, and icons. These changes are made to provide you with a unified SoftwareOne brand experience.

We’ve also updated our URL to We believe that the new URL represents our brand identity and the new experience we are launching for our clients.

New Home page

Previously, after signing in to PyraCloud, a predefined dashboard was displayed.

Now, when you sign in to the Client Portal, you'll see a new Home page that'll provide you quick access to different modules, platform news, and updates.

You'll also be able to view your account information, favorites, and a list of your recently viewed pages. To learn more about the new page, see the Home page.

The dashboards are now accessible via Analyze > Dashboard in the navigation menu.

Simplified navigation

Our new menu simplifies the experience by allowing you to quickly discover and launch a module. To make navigation easier and provide context, we’ve reorganized the menu options and added descriptions.

Other changes include:

  • The Favorites and Recently viewed quick links are added to the navigation menu for easy access.

  • The Buy module is renamed to Marketplace to make it more relevant.

  • A new Help module has been added to the menu. This module contains links to our online documentation, support resources, and platform updates.

Search bar and shortcut icons

We've removed the Search bar and the icons for the shopping cart, Reports, and Notifications from the header. You can now access these pages directly from the navigation menu.

Product documentation

We’ve restructured our product documentation and introduced the side navigation so you can easily find documentation based on topic.

In addition to improving the look and feel of our documentation, we've also:

  • Aligned the content with our rebranding and the user interface changes.

  • Removed the outdated product tutorials and images.

  • Made editorial updates to enhance content clarity and readability.

We hope these updates will make your experience intuitive, seamless, and efficient.

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