Users Interface

Learn about the fields and actions available on the Users page.

Users page

The Users page, located under Settings > Users, displays all users in your account.

On this page, you can view the following user details:

  • User - Displays the user's name and their unique Marketplace identifier.

  • Email - Displays the email address used to create the account.

  • Joined - Displays the date when the user accepted the invite.

    • If the user accepts the invite and joins your account, the user's status is displayed.

    • If the user hasn't accepted the invite, then only the invite status is displayed.

  • Last login - Displays the date and time the user signed in to their account.

  • Group - Displays the group that the user belongs to. The total number of groups is displayed if the user belongs to multiple groups.

  • Actions - Displays options that allow you to edit or remove users from your account.

User details page

The details page of a user provides all information related to the user. You can open the details page by clicking the name of the user.

What can I do on this page?

From the details page, you can complete the following tasks:

When you open the details page of a user, it shows the properties associated with the user's profile and status. Possible statuses include:

  • Invited - The user has been invited to the account. This status remains until the user accepts the invitation.

  • Invitation Expired - The user didn't accept the account invitation within the specified period, usually seven days from the invitation date.

  • Active - The user has been invited to the account. This status remains until the user accepts the invitation.

  • Blocked - The user has been restricted from accessing the account. This could be due to terms and conditions violations, security concerns, or at the administrator's discretion.

  • Disabled - The user has been removed from the account.

The page also contains the following tabs that display corresponding information:

  • User details - Displays general information of the user.

  • Groups - Displays the groups that the user is a part of.

  • Contact relations - Displays the buyers and licensees mapped to the user. Clicking the buyer or licensee name displays the details page of the selected entity.

  • Details - Displays the date and time information related to the user, for example, the date and time when they joined the account and so on.

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