License Agreements

Learn how you can access and manage your software license agreements.

A license agreement is a contract that outlines the conditions and terms under which an organization can use a specific software. Using the Client Portal's License Agreements module, you can easily view and manage your license agreements, and gain visibility into the entitlement data associated with those agreements. You can also create alerts for true-ups, renewals, and expiring contracts.

To access your license agreements, navigate to the main menu of the Client Portal and select Inventory > License agreements.

Watch the following video tutorial on how to access and use License Agreements:

Searching for agreements

The License Agreements page contains filters to help you find the agreement you want to view or manage. You can search using:

  • Agreement or Enrollment Number

  • Publisher

  • License Model

  • Contract Category

  • Start Date

  • Expiration Date

  • Status

  • Reference

  • Source

To find an agreement, specify the search parameters and then select Search. A list of agreements matching the criteria is displayed.

After you have found the agreement, you can view detailed information or export the agreement to any of the available formats.

Using Grid and Timeline View options

By default, the License Agreements page displays the agreement data in a Grid View. You can customize the data to show selected columns and rearrange them in the order you wish.

You can also change the view and select Timeline View to view your agreements as a timeline. The timeline view allows you to track and visualize your expiring agreements.

By selecting Export to PDF, you can export the timeline view to a PDF file. Note that you must have a PDF reader installed on your system to view the exported PDF document.

Exporting license agreement reports

You can export an individual license agreement or all of your agreements.

Follow these steps to export an individual license agreement:

  1. On the License Agreements page, find the contract you want to export.

  2. Select the actions icon (•••) and choose Export to PDF, Export to CSV, or Export to Excel. Your report is queued for processing and a confirmation message is displayed.

Follow these steps to export all of your license agreements:

  1. On the License Agreements page, hover over the Exports option and select Contracts. The Create New Report - Contracts page opens.

  2. Choose the format for your report, and schedule frequency, and specify the start and the expiration date of your contract.

  3. Select a template and provide a name for your report. If you don't want to use any template, choose None from the list.

  4. Choose the delivery method and then select Run or Create, depending on whether you are creating a run once or a scheduled report.

Once your export is complete, you can view it by hovering over Exports and selecting Go to My Reports. This link will take you directly to your generated reports page.

Alternatively, select the main menu of the Client Portal and navigate to Analyze > Reports. To learn more about reports and their features, see Reports.

Exporting expiration date to Outlook

You can export an agreement expiration date to Outlook to keep track of your expiring agreements.

Note that Outlook reminders can only be set for contracts that have an end date specified. If the contract doesn't have an end date, a message is displayed.

Follow these steps to set up a reminder in Outlook:

  1. On the License Agreements page, search for your agreement.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Select the actions icon and choose Outlook Export.

    • Open the agreement and select Outlook Export in the upper right.

  3. When the download completes, open the downloaded file in Outlook.

  4. Verify the agreement details and save the event in your calendar.

Viewing agreement details

You can view the details of your agreement by selecting it from the License Agreements page. When the License Agreement Details page opens, the following information is displayed:



The name of the agreement.


The publisher of the software for which the agreement is created.

SoftwareOne Contract No.

A unique number assigned to your agreement by SoftwareOne.

Contract Duration

The start and expiration date of the agreement. The duration also shows the agreement status:

  • Red indicates that your agreement has expired.

  • Yellow indicates that your agreement is expiring soon.

  • Green indicates that your agreement is active.

License Model

The licensing model that applies to your contract.

Agreement No.

A unique number assigned to your agreement by the publisher.

Remaining Days

The number of days remaining before your contract expires.

Customer Name

The name of the customer.

Contract Type

The type of contract.

Enrollment No.

The enrollment number assigned to your contract by the publisher.

Anniversary Date

The renewal date of the agreement.


The currency of the agreement.


The price level of the agreement.


Option to add and save your comments.

The details page also contains tabs that you can use to view and manage specific details.

Displays a list of products associated with the agreement and their license keys. You can also add new license keys or delete existing keys.

Adding keys

You can add a new license key by selecting Add License Key and providing the product name and the license key.

Deleting keys

You can delete a key by selecting Delete from the Actions column.

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