Create API Token

Create an API token to access Marketplace Platform using APIs

Create an API token

Follow these steps to create a new API token:

  1. On the API token page (Settings > API tokens), click Add. The Add API token page opens.

  1. In the General section, provide the following details and click Next.

    1. Logo - (Optional) Add an image for your token. You can select a file to upload or drop your file to the selection area. By uploading an image, you can easily identify your token from the list of tokens.

    2. API token name - (Required) Enter a name for your token.

    3. Description - (Optional) Describe your token.

  2. In the Modules section, select the modules to which the token will allow access and click Next. Note that only the modules that SoftwareOne has enabled for your account are displayed in this section.

  1. In the Overview section, review the details and click Add. Your token is created and a summary is displayed.

  1. Click Close to return to the API tokens page or click View details to open the details page of the token.

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