Terminate Agreements

Cancel all subscriptions and terminate your agreement.

If you want to cancel all subscriptions under an agreement and terminate your agreement completely, you can do so by creating a termination order.

Before you begin

Before terminating an agreement, note the following points:

  • You can only terminate agreements that are in the Active state. Agreements in any other state (such as Processing or Updating) cannot be terminated. For a description of these states, see Agreements interface.

  • Creating a termination order doesn't immediately cancel your agreement. An agreement is terminated only after the vendor has approved it for termination.

Terminate an agreement

Follow these steps to terminate your agreement:

  1. Navigate to the Agreements page (Marketplace > Agreements). A list of your agreements is displayed.

  1. Select the agreement you want to terminate. The details page of your selected agreement opens.

  2. Click the down arrow next to Edit and select Terminate. The Terminate agreement window opens.

  3. In the Items section, verify the details and click Next.

  1. In the Order details section, add your reference number and notes and click Next. This step is optional.

  1. In the Review order section, click Next.

The Summary section displays the confirmation.

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