Sellers Interface

Learn about the fields and actions available on the Sellers page.

Sellers page

The Sellers page, located under Settings > Sellers, displays all sellers that are mapped to your account.

For each seller, you can view the following information:

  • Seller - Displays the name and Marketplace ID of the SoftwareOne entity.

  • Address - Displays the address of the SoftwareOne entity.

  • Status - Displays the seller's status in the system. Possible values include:

    • Active - The seller is active and available for transactions in the Marketplace.

    • Disabled - The seller is not currently operational and cannot be used for transactions. However, any historical data related to a disabled seller can still be accessed.

Seller details page

The details page of a seller displays additional information about the seller. You can open the details page by clicking the name of the seller.

When you open the details page of a seller, it shows the seller's name, marketplace ID, and status. The page also contains the following tabs:

  • General - Displays the seller's address.

  • Buyers - Displays all buyers linked to the seller in the context of an account, and their details such as name and address.

  • Currencies - Displays the list of currencies supported by the seller. SoftwareOne sellers can support transactions in multiple currencies.


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