About Orders

In the Marketplace Platform, an order is an object that signifies a business transaction under the framework of an established agreement.

An order could be a request to buy a new product, change the number of purchased items and subscriptions, or terminate a subscription or the entire agreement.

The following types of orders exist in the Marketplace Platform:

  • Purchase order - Represents an order where a new agreement is created when buying a new product or service through the Marketplace Platform.

  • Change order - Represents an order where changes are needed to the product items or subscriptions within the agreement, such as downsizing the license quantity.

  • Terminate order - Represents an order where one or more subscriptions within the agreement have been terminated. A termination order also implies an order where the entire agreement has been terminated and consequently, all subscriptions within that agreement are also terminated.

Through the Orders module, the Client Portal offers a streamlined, easy-to-navigate order management system that provides visibility and allows you to manage your orders easily.

How to access the Orders page

You can access the Orders page by navigating to the main menu and selecting Marketplace > Orders.

From the Orders page, you can:

  • View all of your orders across all vendors. The sorting and filtering options allow you to narrow down your orders and find them quickly.

  • View comprehensive information about an order and its associated details, such as items, parameters, entities, and subscriptions.

  • Delete orders in the Draft state.

  • Add new notes to your order and update existing notes.

  • View and download all attachments related to your order.

  • Change the default reference ID assigned to your order by the Marketplace Platform and add a new ID to maintain consistency.

  • Respond to queries and send the querying order back to the vendor.

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