Order States

An order can have several states from the time it is created in the Marketplace Platform until its completion.

The following diagram shows how an order's state can change during its lifecycle:

These states are displayed as Status on the Orders page. They are also displayed beside the order number on the details page.

Note that the Marketplace Platform supports various account types, including vendor and client, so depending on your account type, only some states might be visible to you.



The order has been saved as a draft during the ordering process.

Draft purchase orders can be accessed through the Orders page.


The order has been created and is currently awaiting processing by the vendor.


The ordering parameters have been updated by the vendor.

The order now requires an action to be taken by the client account user.


The order has been processed by the vendor.


The order has been failed by the vendor or SoftwareOne.

The failure reason is shown on the General tab of the order.


The draft purchase order has been deleted by a client account user.

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