365 EA + Unified Support

365 EA + Unified Support dashboard.

The 365 EA with Unified Support Dashboard provides an overview for Microsoft 365 EA customers who purchased our unified support service.

You can access the dashboard by navigating to the main menu of the Client Portal and selecting Services > 365 EA + Unified Support.

Dashboard interface

The dashboard provides a single point of access to other areas of the platform, such as invoices and user administration. It consists of the following sections:

Select Microsoft Tenant

If you have multiple Microsoft tenants, you can switch between tenants. When you switch tenants, the values in the dashboard change accordingly.

As tenants are permission-based, not all users will see all available customer tenants.

Permission-based widgets

The Invoices, Add User, and Service Review sections are based on user or content permissions. If you can't view these widgets, contact your administrator to check your permissions

Product usage

In contrast to billing information, it's not possible to view usage and subscription assignments per agreement (vendors do not support this). Therefore Product Usage and Top 5 Assigned Subscriptions show information per Microsoft tenant (as noted on the yellow label within

The Product Usage section displays the active and inactive licenses and highlights opportunities to adjust the use vs. cost ratio. Clicking the section redirects you to 365Analytics where you can perform in-depth analysis. Only users with appropriate permissions can access 365Analytics.

The Top 5 Subscriptions By Assigned section can be used to evaluate subscription utilization and accompanying costs. Clicking the section redirects you to a full consumption report where you can see a detailed analysis.

365 EA + Unified Support - support tickets

Provides a quick overview of all requests and incidents reported in the past 90 days including their respective status. If no tickets are logged, you can create a new request/incident. Clicking View Tickets redirects you to the Help and Support page where you can view your ticket details.

Recent news from Microsoft

365Simple customers can also quickly check the latest Microsoft 365 news without leaving the platform.

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