Agreements Interface

Agreements page

The Agreements page, located under Marketplace > Agreements, displays all agreements that exist for your account.

On this page, you can view the following agreement details:

  • Agreements - Displays the name and ID of the agreement.

  • Product - Displays the product that you've purchased under the agreement and the product logo and marketplace ID.

  • Licensee - Displays the name and ID of the licensee to whom the license is issued.

  • Buyer - Displays the buyer's name and marketplace ID.

  • Seller - Displays the seller's name and marketplace ID.

  • SPx - Displays the estimated sales price of the product.

  • Status - Displays the status of the agreement. Possible values include:

    • Provisioning - The purchase order associated with the agreement has been sent to the vendor and it's awaiting fulfillment.

    • Updating - An order is in progress for the agreement. The order could be a termination order or a change order for adding or removing items.

    • Active - The agreement is active. You can edit the subscriptions to review the quantity or buy more items by clicking Buy more.

    • Failed - The agreement has failed because the order has been canceled.

    • Terminated - The agreement has been terminated and it no longer contains active subscriptions.

    • Deleted - The agreement has been deleted because the draft purchase order associated with the agreement was deleted.

Agreement details page

The details page of an agreement provides all information related to the agreement. You can open the details page by clicking the name of the agreement.

What can I do on this page?

From the details page, you can complete the following tasks:

When you open the details page of an agreement, it shows the agreement's name, marketplace ID, and status. Informational messages that might apply to the agreement are also displayed.

  • General - The General tab is the default tab displayed when you open the details page of an agreement.

  • Subscriptions - The Subscriptions tab displays comprehensive details of all subscriptions under the selected agreement. You can view each subscription's name, marketplace ID, and commitment term. Additionally, the tab highlights crucial dates for each subscription, including the start date, renewal date, and termination date (if applicable). The estimated sales price per month and year, along with the subscription status is also displayed.

  • One-time purchase - The One-time Purchase tab displays details of the items you bought once, without a subscription. For each item, you can view the item name and ID, order number and date, and quantity purchased. You can also view the price per unit and total price.

  • Parameters - The Parameters tab shows the ordering and fulfillment parameters.

  • Entities - The Entities tab displays the details of the entities related to the subscription. Entities include licensees, buyers, and sellers. You can view each entity's name, marketplace ID, and address information.

  • Orders - The Orders tab displays all orders placed in the scope of the agreement. Use the Orders tab to view the order-specific details, such as the order ID, type of order, date when the order was placed, and the sales price. Clicking an order opens up the details page of the order.

  • Attachments - The Attachments tab displays a list of all attachments, including details, such as the attachment's name and ID, type and description, and the associated order. The updated date is also shown if any changes are made to the attachment. From the Attachments tab, you can also download the files to your device, upload new files as attachments, or modify or remove attachments.

  • Terms - The Terms tab displays the terms and conditions information, when they were accepted, and by whom.

  • Details - The Details tab displays the client and vendor IDs related to the agreement. This tab shows the date and time the agreement was created or updated, the latest pricelist information for your products, and other agreement-related references.

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