Create New Request

Create a request to contact a vendor through the SoftwareOne Marketplace.

If you require personalized assistance or have queries regarding a product, you can contact the vendor directly through the SoftwareOne Marketplace.

Before you begin

Before creating a request, note that you can contact a vendor only if they've enabled the option. If the option has been enabled, you'll see an Enquire Now, Contact Us, or a similar button on the Products page.

Create a new request

Follow these steps to create a new request:

  1. Navigate to the Products page (Marketplace > Products) and find the listing from the catalog.

  2. Click the option to contact the vendor. Alternatively, click the name of the product. When the details page of your selected product opens, click the required option in the upper right corner.

  1. In the Request Details section, provide the details of your request and click Next.

  1. In the Review Request section, review the information and click Submit Request.

Your request is submitted and assigned a Processing status. Click Close to close the page or click View Request to open the request's details page.

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