Products Interface

Products page

The Products page displays all products that are available for you to buy. All products are organized by vendor name and ID, making it easier for you to browse through the list of products.

The individual products are displayed in the form of product cards and each card contains the following information:

  • Product logo.

  • Product name.

  • Product ID.

  • Short description of the product.

  • If enabled, the Buy Now option to start the purchase process.

  • If enabled, an option to contact the vendor or SoftwareOne before placing the order (for example, a Contact Us or Enquire Now button).

Product details page

When you click a product card, the details page of your selected product opens. The details page displays general product information about the product, such as the vendor's name, logo, and website.

All products contain an Overview section, which displays a detailed product description. Depending on the vendor and product configuration, the page may also include media and video files, and additional sections, as shown in the following image:

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