Enable or Disable API Token

Disable an API token temporarily and enable it again when required.

Before you begin

Before disabling a token, note the following points:

  • Disabling does not delete a token but makes it inactive until it is enabled again. When a token is disabled, any attempts to access the endpoint return an error.

  • The Enable option is shown only if you've disabled the token previously.

Enable or disable a token

Follow these steps to enable or disable a token:

  1. Navigate to the API token page (Settings > API tokens).

  2. Find the token you want to enable or disable.

  3. Click the actions icon (•••) for the token and select Enable or Disable. The following image shows the Disable option:

  1. Alternatively, click the token name. When the details page of your selected token opens, click the down arrow and select Enable or Disable.

  2. Confirm that you want to change the status of your token.

A message is displayed stating that the operation is successful. You can view the updated status of your token in the Status column on the API token page.

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