Delete Draft Orders

Delete your draft orders.

If you've saved an order as a draft without submitting it, you have the option to delete it.

Before you begin

Before deleting an order, note the following points:

  • You can only delete orders that are in the Draft state.

  • Deleted orders cannot be reinstated or edited, but they'll still be displayed in your list of orders.

  • When you delete a draft purchase order, the corresponding agreement is also deleted.

Delete a draft order

Follow these steps to delete an order:

  1. Navigate to the Orders page (Marketplace > Orders). A list of your orders is displayed.

  2. Find the order you want to delete and click the order number.

  3. Click the down arrow next to Edit and then click Delete.

  1. Click Delete to confirm your action.

Your order is deleted and the order status changes from Draft to Deleted on the Orders page.

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