Subscriptions Interface

Subscriptions page

The Subscriptions page, located under Marketplace > Subscriptions, displays all subscriptions you've ordered.

On this page, you can view the following subscription details:

  • Subscription - Displays the Iname and D of the subscription.

  • Agreement - Displays the name and ID of the agreement associated with the subscription.

  • Licensee - Displays the name of the individual or legal entity to whom the subscription license is issued.

  • Buyer - Displays the buyer associated with the subscription.

  • Seller - Displays the SoftwareOne legal entity that fulfilled the order and issued the invoice.

  • Renewal date - Displays the renewal date of your subscription.

  • SPx - Displays the estimated sales price of the subscription.

  • Status - Displays the current status of the subscription. Possible values include:

    • Draft - The subscription has been created during the fulfillment of an order, but the order has not been completed yet. Draft subscriptions will move to Active when the related order is completed successfully.

    • Active - The subscription is active and in use.

    • Updating - The subscription is being updated and a change order is in progress.

    • Terminating - A request to cancel your subscription is in progress.

    • Terminated - The subscription has been canceled.

Subscription details page

The details page of a subscription gives you in-depth information about your subscription. You can open the details page by clicking the subscription on the Subscriptions page.

What can I do on this page?

The subscription details page is organized into several tabs, each providing specific information. It also contains a highlights panel displaying general information about the subscription, such as the subscription name and ID, vendor, and product. On the details page, you can also view the name of your subscription, its status, and the unique Marketplace ID.

The following tabs are available:

  • Items - Displays your ordered items. Use the Items tab to view the item-specific details, such as the item name and ID, the quantity of ordered items, and the sales price for each time.

  • Parameters - Displays the fulfillment parameters linked to the subscription, which can vary based on the parameter options enabled by the vendor.

  • Entities - Displays the details of the entities related to the subscription. Entities include licensees, buyers, and sellers. For each entity, you can view the name, marketplace ID, and address information.

  • Orders - Displays all orders associated with your subscription. Use the Orders tab to view the order-specific details, such as the order ID, type of order, date when the order was placed, and the sales price. Clicking an order opens up the details page of the order.

  • Details - Displays the client and vendor IDs associated with the subscription. You can also use this tab to view the date and time when the subscription was created and updated, along with the start and end date of the subscription. If the subscription fails, the failed date is also displayed.

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