Orders Interface

Orders page

The Orders page, located under Marketplace > Orders, gives you a complete list of your orders, whether purchase orders, change orders, or terminate orders.

On this page, you can view the following order details:

  • Order - Displays the order number and the ID.

  • Type - Displays the order type. The possible values are Purchase, Change, and Terminate. For a description of these order types, see About Orders.

  • Agreement - Displays the name and ID of the agreement associated with the order.

  • Product - Displays the ordered product's logo, name, and marketplace ID.

  • Licensee - Displays the licensee's name and marketplace ID.

  • Buyer - Displays the buyer's name and marketplace ID.

  • Seller - Displays the seller's name and marketplace ID.

  • SPx - Displays the estimated sales price of the product.

  • Status - Displays the order status. Possible values include:

    • Draft - The order has been saved as a draft. This status applies to orders that you saved as a draft during the purchase process but didn't finalize.

    • Processing - The order has been created and is currently awaiting processing by the vendor.

    • Completed - The order has been processed and is now complete.

    • Querying - The vendor requires information from you before processing your order.

    • Failed - The order could not be completed and has been failed. You can view the failure reason on the General tab of the order.

    • Deleted - The draft order has been deleted.

Order details page

The details page of an order gives you in-depth information about your order. You can open the details page by clicking the order on the Orders page.

What can I do on this page?

The details page of an order contains several tabs that display corresponding order information:

  • General - Displays additional information about your order.

  • Items - Displays the ordered items and the pricing information for each item. On this tab, you can also view the billing term, commitment term, quantity, and assigned subscriptions.

  • Parameters - Displays the Ordering and Fulfillment parameters associated with the product.

  • Entities - Displays the name and address of the licensee, buyer, and seller associated with the order.

  • Subscriptions - Displays the subscriptions associated with the order. For each subscription, you can also view the subscription term, the start and the renewal date, the estimated sales price, and the subscription status.

  • Notes - Displays the notes entered for the order during the purchase process. You can also edit the existing notes.

  • Attachments - Displays all files associated with your order. You can view additional details for each file, such as the file name, marketplace ID, document type, and description. You can also download your attachments.

  • Details - Displays the additional ID of each actor related to the order, along with the date and time information.

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