About Agreements

An agreement is a formalized record that establishes the terms and conditions under which transactions occur. An agreement outlines the relationship between entities, such as the buyer, seller, and licensee, and forms the basis for placing orders and establishing subscriptions within the platform.

The following are the key points regarding agreements in the Marketplace Platform:

  • Agreements can contain one or several subscriptions, regardless of the agreement's status.

  • Agreements can be terminated entirely by canceling all subscriptions related to that agreement.

  • An agreement can be renamed as long as it's in the Active state.

How to access the Agreements page

You can access the Agreements page by navigating to the main menu and selecting Marketplace > Agreements.

From the Agreements page, you can:

  • View a list of the agreements that exist for your account.

  • Cancel all subscriptions within an agreement and terminate the agreement altogether.

  • Rename an agreement as needed.

  • Edit your agreement's ID.

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