Add Messages

Add a message to the conversation.

You can use the Add Message option on the Activity tab if you need to reply to a vendor's message or send a new message. This option allows you to communicate with the vendor from within the platform.

Before you begin

Before adding a message to the conversation, note the following points:

  • Use this option only in those scenarios where you don't need to change the request's status.

  • Any message you add to the conversation will be visible to everyone in your Marketplace account.

  • You can add a message regardless of the request's status.

Add a message

Follow these steps to add a new message:

  1. Navigate to the Requests page (Marketplace > Requests). A list of your requests is displayed.

  2. Select the relevant request to which you want to add the message. The details page of your selected request opens.

  3. On the Activity tab, click Add message.

  1. In Add Message, type your message. You can use the formatting options to style the text.

  1. Click Add. Your message is added and displayed on the Activity tab.

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