Procurement Workbench

Procurement users can view their transactions and manage purchase orders and quotes.

Procurement Workbench provides procurement users with a comprehensive set of features to manage software transactions.

To access Procurement Workbench, navigate to the main menu of the Client Portal and select Procurement > Procurement Workbench.

With Procurement Workbench, you can easily access all information related to your quotes and orders. You can also:

  • View your favorite products and add them to your cart. If product prices are unavailable, you can use special quotes to request prices.

  • Access your frequently purchased items, generate a quote for placing an order, and check the status of your transaction.

  • Check items that are awaiting approval, and view your open and overdue invoices.

Watch the following video tutorial on how to use Procurement Workbench:

For more information, see View and Manage Software Transactions.

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