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In the SoftwareOne Marketplace, you can browse and choose from a wide range of subscription-based products from the Microsoft CSP and Adobe VIP Marketplace programs.

You can buy new products under an existing agreement with SoftwareOne, or create a new agreement.

  • Existing Agreement - When using an existing agreement, you have the flexibility to add new items and adjust the quantity of your current licenses.

  • New Agreement - You can establish a new agreement if you are new to SoftwareOne or if your procurement needs differ from your existing contracts.

When making a purchase, you might need to provide certain parameters and complete specific steps, depending on the software vendor.

For example, when ordering Microsoft 365 Online Services, you might need to choose if you want to create a new Microsoft tenant or use your existing account. Similarly, when buying Adobe licenses, you might need to provide details of the individual who will be your account administrator. The steps will differ based on the vendor.

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