Software Downloads

You can download software packages from SoftwareOne and upload your own files.

The Software Downloads module lets you download software packages that SoftwareOne provides, and upload your files and packages to the cloud storage. To access software downloads, navigate to the main menu of the Client Portal and select Inventory > Software Downloads.

Uploading software packages or files

Uploading software packages is a paid feature. If you don't see the Upload tab in the Software Download module, contact your SoftwareOne representative.

A package is a bundle of one or more files containing descriptive metadata. Packages are uploaded to collections. A collection is an isolated storage space. If a collection doesn't exist for your company, you'll see an option to create a new collection. The option will be unavailable if a collection already exists. After creating a collection, you can upload your packages/files and distribute them to the other users via email or through the Client Portal.

Follow these steps to create a new collection:

  1. Open the Software Downloads module and navigate to the Upload tab.

  2. Provide a name for your collection.

  3. Select Save.

Follow these steps to start the upload process:

  1. On the Upload tab, select Start your Upload Process.

  2. On the Create Package page, choose a collection from the list and select Next.

  3. Provide a name and description of your package. Note that you can create and upload more than one package to a collection. Select Next.

  4. Add the metadata for the package/file and select Next. The following fields are mandatory:

    • Description

    • Publisher

    • Product Family

    • Operating System

    • Language

  5. Choose the file you want to add and select Next.

  6. Review the details and select Next to create and upload the package. A confirmation message is displayed when the file is added.

Searching for packages

You can search for a package using the filters on the Search tab.

Follow these steps to search for a package in a collection:

  1. On the Search tab, enter the search criteria or select your collection from the Collections menu.

  2. Select Search. All packages that are uploaded to this collection are displayed.

Downloading packages

Follow these steps to download a package:

  1. Use the search filters to find the package you wish to download.

  2. From the Actions column, select Download.

  3. Choose the number of downloads you want to allow and select OK.

You can generate an email link to share with anyone in your organization. Note that the person accessing the link doesn't need to have a Client Portal account because the link uses a unique access key.

Follow these steps to generate a link:

1. From the Actions column, select Email.

2. Select the duration that the link will be valid for and the total number of available downloads.

3. Select OK. An email with a link to the package will open.

The email link will only be valid for the duration that you choose. The link expires when the duration ends, regardless of the number of downloads.

Viewing software download history

The History tab displays all of your file uploads and downloads. You can view the data or export it to a CSV and Excel file.

Follow these steps to export the report:

  1. Select the Export option.

  2. Choose Export to CSV or Export to Excel. Your download will begin.

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