View Notifications

Set up and view notifications.

The Notification page displays all notifications and allows you to manage them easily. There are two types of notifications in the Marketplace Platform:

  • System notifications - These notifications are associated with your profile. You cannot subscribe or unsubscribe from these notifications.

  • User notifications - These notifications are also called feature notifications. These notifications are sent only if you are subscribed to receive them.

By default, the system deletes all notifications after 30 days, regardless of whether you've read them.

View your notifications

You can view new notifications by clicking the bell icon in the header.

When you click the icon, the Notifications page opens.

By default, the Notifications page displays both read and unread notifications. You can view unread notifications only by enabling the Show unread only toggle. Unread notifications are displayed in bold.

To mark all unread messages as read, click Mark all as Read. To filter notifications by a specific product feature or all features, use the Topic option.

Update notification preferences

You can opt-in or opt out of notifications, and choose events for which you want to receive notifications.

Follow these steps to update your notification preferences:

  1. On the Settings tab, click the feature for which you want to update the settings.

  2. Move the toggle to the On or Off position.

  3. Select the Email checkbox to receive notifications through email.

Receive notifications on your phone

You can receive notifications directly on your phone through text messages.

Follow these steps to receive notifications by phone:

  1. On the Settings tab, click Add phone number.

  2. In Update Mobile Number, enter the phone number you want to use and click Select.

  3. Click Get Code. You'll receive a validation code on the phone number you provided.

  4. Enter the validation code and click Verify. You'll start receiving notifications as per your updated settings. You'll receive notifications as per your updated settings.

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