Learn about users and how to access the Users page.

About users

In the Marketplace Platform, a user is an individual who interacts with the Marketplace Platform through a unique username and password. Each user has a profile consisting of attributes and settings (such as email address, name, profile icon, and so on).

The following are some of the key points about users:

  • Users can belong to one or more accounts, or none at all.

  • Users associated with an account have tailored access to modules and functionalities, depending on their permissions.

  • Users of multiple accounts can also switch between them without signing out of the platform.

  • Users who don't belong to an account have restricted capabilities. Such users can only sign in to the platform and adjust their profile settings. They cannot access any of the platform modules.

How to access the Users page

As an account administrator, you can access the Users page by navigating to the main menu and selecting Settings > Users.

From the Users page, you can:

  • Add new users to your Marketplace platform account.

  • View and manage all users in your account.

  • Remove users from your account and re-invite when needed.

  • Send the invitation link again if the original one wasn't received.

  • Generate a new invitation link if the original link has expired.

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