Learn how to access and view your invoices.

The Invoices module allows you to search for and view your invoices. You can also export your invoices to the available formats, including PDF and Excel, and create a report of your invoices.

To access your invoices, navigate to the main menu and select Inventory > Invoices.

Finding and viewing invoices

The Invoices page contains filters to help you locate the invoice you want to view. You can find an invoice using:

  • Reference Number

  • Document Date

  • Invoice Status

  • Sell To Address

  • Shipment Address

  • Invoice Address

  • SoftwareOne Company

Follow these steps to find and view an invoice:

  1. Specify the search parameters and then select Search. A list of invoices matching the criteria is displayed. Note that if you have a long list of invoices, you can refine the list based on the filter options.

  2. To view an invoice, select the row or select View from the Actions column. The details page for the invoice opens.

On the Invoice Details page, you can view further information about the product and pricing information. Additionally, you can:

  • View a history of the transaction and link to more details.

  • View the contracts associated with this transaction.

  • Download the information as PDF.

Exporting invoices

You can export an individual invoice or all of your invoices.

Follow these steps to export an invoice:

  1. On the Invoices page, use the search filters to find the invoice you want to export.

  2. Select the actions icon (•••) and choose one of these options - Export to PDF, Export to Excel (CSV), or Export to Excel (XLSX). A confirmation message is displayed.

Follow these steps to export all of your invoices:

  1. On the Invoices page, hover over the Exports option and select Invoices. The Create New Report - Invoices page opens.

  2. Choose the format for your report, and schedule frequency, and specify the start and the expiration date of your invoice.

  3. Select a template and provide a name for your report. If you don't want to use any template, choose None from the list.

  4. Choose the delivery method and then select Run or Create, depending on whether you are creating a run once or a scheduled report.

Once your export completes, you can view it by hovering over Exports and selecting Go to My Reports. This link will take you directly to your generated reports page.

Alternatively, select the main menu of the Client Portal and navigate to Other tools > Reports. To learn more about reports and their features, see Reports.

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