Platform Terminology

Important terms used in the Marketplace Platform.

  • Agreement - A formalized record that establishes the terms and conditions under which transactions occur. An agreement details the relationship between the Seller, Buyer, and Licensee, and serves as the foundation for placing orders and creating subscriptions in the platform.

  • Buyer - An entity that engages in commercial activities with SoftwareOne sellers. Buyers are the recipients of invoices issued by SoftwareOne, and they are central to the creation and context of orders, agreements, and subscriptions.

  • Group - A collection of permissions assembled to streamline the assignment process. Groups facilitate the management of user rights by bundling related permissions, which can then be applied to users collectively, simplifying the administration of access levels across the platform.

  • Item - An individual unit associated with a specific product, utilized within orders or subscriptions to detail what is being purchased or subscribed to.

  • Licensee - An entity that utilizes or consumes the services provided by the marketplace. It serves as a critical component in forming agreements alongside Buyers and Sellers, thereby establishing the complete context of business transactions.

  • Order - An object that signifies a business transaction under the framework of an established agreement. The platform accommodates a variety of order types, distinguishing between new purchases, change orders, and other transactional categories, each tailored to support different commercial operations and client needs.

  • Permission - An access control attribute that can be allocated within the context of a specific account. Permissions specify the exact actions a user or token is authorized to perform, ensuring precise and secure management of the platform's capabilities.

  • Product - A collection of items and their relevant parameters curated into a cohesive group for business purposes. Defined by vendors, products are accessible to SoftwareOne and clients through Listings, providing a structured framework for transactional activities.

  • Request - A collection of items and their relevant parameters curated into a cohesive group for business purposes.

  • Seller - An entity representing SoftwareOne that purchases from vendors and sells to clients. The seller is responsible for generating and issuing invoices to the buyer entities of clients, acting as the intermediary in the transaction process.

  • Statement - A set of data generated in the scope of each agreement by the platform. A statement summarizes the financial transactions and details relevant to that agreement and is made available for clients to review their account activity and charges.

  • Subscription - An object linked to an agreement that represents the provision of a service over an extended period. A subscription indicates a continuous or recurring transaction tied to specific terms and conditions detailed within the agreement.

  • Token - An object similar to a user, but specifically designed for programmatic access by automated systems. Tokens enable these non-interactive entities to authenticate and interact with the platform, performing predefined operations according to the permissions assigned to the token without needing a traditional user login.

  • User - Represents an actor who can log in to the system, potentially affiliated with multiple accounts. This defines an interactive role within the platform, granting people access to various features and operations based on their assigned permissions and group memberships.

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