Licensee Interface

Learn about the fields and actions available on the Licensees page.

Licensee page

The Licensee page, located under Settings > Licensee, displays all licensees in your account.

For each licensee, you can view the following details:

  • Licensee - Displays the name and unique identifier of the licensee. The name can be the name of a user, a company name, or a department name.

  • Address - Displays the address of the licensee.

  • Contact person - Displays the contact associated with the licensee.

  • Buyer - Displays the buyer related to the licensee.

  • Seller - Displays the SoftwareOne entity facilitating the procurement of products and licenses.

  • Status - Displays the licensee's status. For more information on the status, see Licensee States.

  • Actions - Displays options that allow you to manage licensees. Depending on your permissions, you can update licensee information, and enable or disable a licensee.

Licensee details page

The details page of a licensee displays additional information about the licensee. You can open the details page by clicking the licensee name.

What can I do on this page?

From the details page, you can complete the following tasks:

When you open the details page of a licensee, it shows the licensee's name, marketplace ID, and status. It also shows the associated buyer and seller entities. The page also contains the following tabs:

  • General - Displays the licensee's mailing address and contact person details.

  • Details - Displays date and time information for the licensee, for example, the date and time when the licensee was created in the system and so on.

LicenseesCreate LicenseeEdit LicenseeEnable or Disable Licensee

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