Learn about accounts and how to access the Account page.

About account

An account enables a company or organization to sign in to the Marketplace Platform and access its modules. Each account contains users and you can organize those users into groups.

The following account types exist on the Marketplace Platform:

  • Client - Represents an entity that contains a collection of buyers and their related business dealings, such as agreements, orders, subscriptions, and licensees. All client accounts contain individuals or users, facilitating centralized management of various transactions and operational facets from a singular account viewpoint.

  • Vendor - Represents an entity responsible for defining products and configuring those products with items and related parameters for selling on the Marketplace Platform. Vendors supply the necessary product information and attributes used in creating listings and establishing pricelists.

How to access the Account page

As an account administrator, you can access the Account page by navigating to the main menu and selecting Settings > Account.

From the Account page, you can:

  • View all of the information related to the account. This includes general details (such as name and address) and modules enabled for your account.

  • Edit your account details, including account name, address, and company website.

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