Learn about buyers and how to access the Buyers page.

About buyers

A buyer refers to any organization or legal entity that procures products or services from SoftwareOne and is issued an invoice for the transaction.

The Marketplace Platform shows a list of buyers associated with your account. You can manage these buyers by enabling or disabling them, as well as updating their general information.

However, note that only SoftwareOne can add new buyers to your account.

How to access the Buyers page

As an account administrator, you can access the Buyers page by navigating to the main menu and selecting Settings > Buyers.

From the Buyers page, you can:

  • View a list of buyers mapped to your account. The list displays all buyers, including active, enabled, and disabled.

  • Update buyers to reflect any changes to their information, including the buyer logo and contact information.

  • Temporarily disable a buyer account and re-enable as needed.

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