Buying Microsoft Azure (New Agreement)

Order a Microsoft Azure subscription through the Marketplace Platform.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to order a Microsoft Azure subscription as part of a new agreement with SoftwareOne.

1. Launch the Purchase Wizard

To launch the purchase wizard

  1. Sign in to your account and navigate to the Products page.

  2. Find Microsoft Azure from the list of products and click Buy now.

The purchase wizard starts and the Select agreement section of the wizard is displayed.

2. Create agreement

Click Create new agreement to generate a new agreement for Microsoft Azure.

3. Select a licensee

Choose an existing licensee or click Add licensee to create a new licensee.

Click Next to continue.

4. Choose the Microsoft account

Choose whether you want to create a new Microsoft account or use your existing account:

  • Create new cloud account - Select this option to create a new Microsoft tenant and establish relationship with SoftwareOne.

  • Connect existing cloud account - Select this option to use your existing account.

After selecting the required option, click Next to continue.

5. Specify the new domain

If you selected the Create new cloud account option:

  1. Enter your preferred domain name (also known as tenant name) in Primary domain name. Use our tenant availability tool to check the availability of your requested name.

  1. Fill information in the required fields and click Next.

If you selected the Connect existing cloud account option in Choose your tenant, provide the domain name in Primary domain name and click Next.

6. Choose the service level

Select Azure Essentials or Azure Advanced, depending on the level of service you require for Microsoft Azure.

Click Next to continue.

7. Review add-ons

When you select Azure Essentials or Azure Advanced, all add-ons offered as part of the Azure services are displayed.

All service add-ons are selected by default and you cannot change them.

8. Provide support contacts

9. Add items to your order

To add items to your order

  1. Click Add items.

  2. In Select items, select Microsoft Azure subscription and then click Add items.

  3. Click Next to continue.

For Microsoft Azure, there is only one item, with no associated cost. When using Azure services, pay-as-you-go charges are generated against the subscription.

10. (Optional) Provide additional IDs or notes

Enter the optional fields and click Next to continue.

  • In Agreement, enter an additional ID and a new name for your agreement.

  • In Order, enter an additional ID and notes related to your order.

11. Review and place your order

Review your order details and click Place order.

12. Review the summary

Review the summary and then click Close to exit the wizard or click View order to go to the details page of your order.

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