Make Payments with a Credit Card

Create orders using your credit card and authorize additional payments.

This feature is available only for our clients in the United States and Canada.

Creating an order with a credit card

Follow these steps to create an order with a credit card:

  1. Choose the product you want to buy and add it to your shopping cart.

  2. Navigate to your cart and click Create Order.

  1. Provide your address information and your contact details.

  2. In Conditions & References, perform the following steps:

    • Provide your reference and your purchase order number. Optionally, you can also enter your second PO number.

    • Choose Credit Card as your payment method.

    • (Optional) Add special instructions or upload supporting documentation about your order.

  3. Select Create Order.

  4. Enter your card details on the Credit Card Information page and select Submit.

  5. Complete the 3D secure card authentication.

When the authentication is completed, the Order Detail page will be displayed.

Authorizing an order with a credit card

If you change your order after it is created, it may increase your order amount. In such cases, you must authorize the additional amount.

Follow these steps to authorize the amount:

  1. Navigate to the Credit Card page (Marketplace > Credit Card).

  2. Locate the order you want to authorize and review the additional amount in the Requested amount column.

  3. In the Actions column, click Pay to authorize the amount.

  4. Enter your credit card details, click Submit, and complete the 3D Secure Authorization.

When the payment is successful, the order will no longer appear under Authorization required.

Deleting a credit card

The Credit Card page displays all cards that you have saved to your account.

To remove a saved card, click Delete.

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