Remove Users

Remove users from your account.

In certain situations, you might need to remove a person from your account. Only account administrators can remove users.

Before you begin

Before removing a user, note the following points:

  • Ensure that you've reviewed the user's permissions and assigned groups. This is necessary to prevent accidental removal.

  • Removing a user doesn't delete them from the system. This allows you to reinvite them to your account. For more information, see Invite new users.

  • Removing a user only removes them from the respective account. If the user is associated with several accounts on the platform, they'll still be able to access those accounts.

Remove a user from your account

Follow these steps to remove an individual from your account:

  1. Navigate to the Users page (Settings > Users) and find the user to remove.

  2. Click the actions icon (•••) for the user and select Remove.

  1. In Remove user, click Remove to confirm the action.

A message is displayed stating that the user is removed.

After you've removed the user, they'll receive an email stating that they've been removed from the account and the associated user groups.

Remember that if the user belongs to multiple accounts on the Marketplace Platform, they'll still be able to access those accounts.

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