Resend Invitations

Reinvite a user to your account.

Before you begin

Follow the steps in this topic only if you want to resend a previously generated invitaiton. For example, if the person didn't receive the original invitation.

If the person's original invitation has expired and they're encountering the following message, you'll need to generate a new link:

Resend an invitation

Follow these steps to send the previously generated invitation again:

  1. Navigate to the Users page (Settings > Users) and find the user you want to reinvite.

  2. Click the actions icon (•••) for the user.

  3. To resend the invitation email, click Resend invitation link. A message is displayed when your invitation is sent successfully.

  1. To copy the invitation link to your clipboard and share it directly with the individual, click Copy invitation link.

When you invite the individual again, the expiration time for their invitation is reset to seven (7) days.

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