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The Home page is the first page that is displayed after you sign in to the Client Portal.

The Home page of the Client Portal consists of three main elements: a header, a footer, and a content area, which is divided into the following sections:

  • Top Modules

  • Account Information

  • Favorites

  • Recently Visited

  • News and Updates

Each of these sections is explained in this topic. For information on the header and footer, see Client Portal Interface.

Top modules

The top modules section displays our top 6 modules. The list of modules is displayed based on your access permissions, which means that you can view the module names only if you are authorized to access them.

When you select a tile, the main page for the module opens.

Account information

The Account Information section displays the name of your tenant, your account ID, and the service level assigned to your account.

The information in this section is read-only and you cannot edit it.


The Favorites section displays the pages that you've added as your favorites.

When you select a link in this section, it opens the main page for that module. For detailed information on how to work with favorites, see Favorites.

Recently visited

The Recently Visited section displays five modules that you recently visited. The list is updated each time you access a module.

When you select a module, the main page for that module opens.

News and updates

The News and Updates section shows important information about product releases and improvements made to the Client Portal. These updates are displayed as tiles.

When you select a tile, a details page opens where you can read detailed information about the update. If you want to view all updates and announcements, select View all.

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