Purchase Approval Workflows

Administrators can create purchase approval workflows to automate the purchasing process.

The Client Portal allows you to set up approval workflows depending on the price or publisher.
NOTE: Only administrators can create Purchase Approval Workflows. If any other user requires access, either the administrator can set it up or the user can contact their SoftwareOne Account Manager.
Workflows and approval groups help you simplify the configuration and maintenance of the approval limits that are assigned to individual users.
Approval groups are assigned to users and they represent a set of individuals who can approve orders. Through approval groups, you can create a group of users who are responsible for approvals.
To reduce the effort of maintaining a group, you can link approval groups together through parent-child relationships. Each approval group can only have one parent but it can be used as a child in several approval groups.
Administrators can create three levels of purchase approval groups, add users to an approval group, and assign individual workflow for each user. For information, see Set Up Approval Workflows.