Pricelist Center

Find information on how the IaaS/PaaS Cloud provider price lists work.

The Pricelist Center is a part of our Cloud Management experience. You can use the Pricelist Center to check the latest prices from IaaS/PaaS Cloud providers or set prices for SaaS Cloud providers.
Many supported IaaS/PaaS Cloud providers publish a price list either based on current pricing levels or a list price for their service. In addition, those same providers will offer Reserved Instances as a separate price list.
SaaS Cloud Providers do not provide price lists, but prices have to be set either by the user or by SoftwareOne.
  • If you are an Office 365 EA or Adobe customer, you may need to set the price for each of your subscriptions/licenses and then update them by date, based on any changes on contract renewals.
  • If you are an Office 365 Simple customer, SoftwareOne will automatically update these prices.