Cloud subscriptions allow you to purchase new subscriptions, add new subscriptions to your tenant, and manage your existing subscriptions.

To access cloud subscriptions, from the main navigation menu, navigate to Marketplace and select Cloud Subscriptions.
On the Cloud Subscriptions page, you can search for a subscription or view information on the following tabs:
  • Marketplace: View the popular subscriptions and add-ons for your tenant. For information on buying, see Buy New Subscriptions or Add-Ons.
  • My Subscriptions: View your active and recently deleted 365Simple and AzureSimple subscriptions. You can also view your tenant and contract details and the estimated cost of your subscription. Select Analyze Spend to review your cloud consumption.
    • 365Simple: Select a 365Simple subscription to view the details of that subscription. You can view the renewal information and update your renewal preference, adjust the license quantity, and change the subscription status. For more information, see Update a Single 365Simple Subscription.
    • AzureSimple: Select Add subscription to add a new AzureSimple subscription, or select the subscription to edit the name and your internal details. For more information, see Add or Update AzureSimple Subscriptions.
  • Billing: View your subscription history. You can view new subscriptions that you've purchased for your tenant. Select View to see the detailed billing information, edit your purchase order, remove a bill, or split the bill.
  • Invoices: Allows you to search for an invoice and view the invoice details. You can also download your invoice.
  • Orders: View a history of your Marketplace purchases and any changes you've made to your tenant. You can also export a list of your cloud subscriptions as an Excel file.
Watch the following video tutorial on how to use Cloud Subscriptions: