Distribute cloud spend to the relevant business units and cost centres across your organization.
Chargebacks allow you to take existing cloud consumption and distribute the cost across the organization. Users can pull cloud consumption spend for direct and indirect agreements, define chargeback based on organizational structure, and create single or multiple internal chargeback invoice documents.
This is one if the last steps to achieving full end-to-end Cloud Management. Chargebacks offer the following benefits:
  • Users can create invoices, split invoices by provider, and then charge the respective business unit or department for the cloud services they are using.
  • Users have the ability to view, manage, and send internal invoices.
  • Users no longer need to manage this process manually in a spreadsheet.

Setup requirements

Chargebacks depend on the Consumption Module and Custom Groups Module. Only the Consumption Module is mandatory.
It is possible to generate a summary document and split it by Tenants and subscriptions without further configuration. Custom distribution of costs across separate documents requires “Custom Group” to be configured and resources properly assigned.

To access chargebacks, navigate to Analyze > Chargebacks.
The main Chargebacks page contains the Chargebacks and Settings tab. You can also view scheduled reports, Add a new schedule, or Add new chargebacks.