You can optimize, improve, and secure your software and cloud environment with intelligent recommendations.

The Recommendations module is a set of functionalities that facilitate intelligent recommendations and suggestions to optimize, streamline, and improve your software environment, be that on-premise or the cloud.
The Recommendations module offers recommendations from a variety of sources, such as Azure Advisor, AWS Cost Explorer, and AWS Trusted Advisor as well as integrating with SoftwareONE Services to provide bespoke and tailored recommendations that optimize a customer’s software environment.
Additionally, the Recommendation module provides capabilities to track metrics such as realized savings and completed recommendations. You can use these recommendations to track, manage, and report on savings opportunities and other key success metrics as well as justify return on investment.

Accessing the Recommendations page

You can access the Recommendations module from the navigation menu as well as the Software Asset Management and Cloud dashboard templates.
To access the Recommendations page from the main menu
  • Navigate to Analyze and select Recommendations.
To access the Recommendations page through the dashboard
  1. 1.
    Open the Software Asset Management or Cloud dashboard template.
  2. 2.
    Select the SLM Recommendations or Azure Recommendations tile depending on the template that you open.
    • The tiles on these dashboards will navigate you to the appropriate section within the Recommendations module. For example, selecting the SLM Recommendations tile in the Software Asset Management Dashboard will navigate you to the Software Lifecycle Management Saving Recommendations.
    • In the Cloud Dashboard, selecting the Azure Recommendations tile will navigate you to the Azure Saving Recommendations, and clicking on the AWS Recommendations tile will navigate you to the AWS Saving Recommendations within the Recommendations module.